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Octopai Chief Exec recognized CxO of the week!

We are proud to have Amnon recognized by Enterprise Management 360 as CxO of the week following his participation in the recent podcast on Transforming Business Intelligence with Metadata Management Automation with Managing Director of international information management consulting company Global Data Strategy Donna Burbank. In the podcast they discussed metadata business trends, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications like Octopai to transform enterprise data management.

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Metadata Enthusiast Amnon Drori shows a highly creative and forward way of thinking when it comes to metadata management for BI.

Amnon Drori is CEO and co-founder of Octopai, an automated metadata management platform that works to collate and manage all analytics and data instantaneously. As metadata is usually scattered throughout various BI systems, it is often very time consuming to collate all the necessary information with each individualised tool.

EM 360 dicusses Amnon’s professional background and why he felt drawn to Octopai. He recalls a meeting when himself and the CFO of a company he was working with both showed mismatching data regarding customer acquisition. While they knew their results were positive, having inconsistent data causes problems within the company. This was previously a problem many BI groups faced.

Data gets consumed rapidly and as a result, companies need to be able to keep track of the data movement process. By providing this groundbreaking tool, Octopai can allow BI groups to keep track of data at every stage of its movement, which can help them comply with regulations, meet deadlines and move the business forward faster. This can save companies millions by ensuring that figures are consistent and reliable.

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