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VIDEO: Nix Inaccurate Reporting with Automated Data Lineage

When the CEO of  a large communications company noticed some numbers that didn’t match up in a sales report, the BI group was tasked to figure out what happened. It took them days (and in other similar cases sometimes even weeks) to manually trace the suspicious data elements back to their sources, through all the different systems in order to understand the data lineage and pinpoint when the numbers in the two reports the CEO was looking at began to deviate.

It took them forever and they even had to bring on more people to assist with the mapping process.

The BI Manager was fed up and decided to start using Octopai to help them deal with reporting errors.

Watch the video to get the story:

I want to tell you about a problem that Octopai helped us solve.

I work as part of a BI group in a large communication company. Business users often complain about inaccurate data in reports, and when this happens, my BI group is asked to look into it. Before we started using Octopai it would take us hours or even days to understand which database tables and ETL processes were involved in creating a specific report. With no way to easily and accurately discover metadata, we had to manually trace and identify all the hops that specific data went through in all the different BI systems to land in a specific report.

The process was a nightmare and left lots of room for error. With Octopai we are able to fix these kind of reporting problems almost immediately. Since Octopai has all our metadata centralized and analyzed, we can explore, search and locate the source of reports easily and accurately within 5 seconds. With Octopai it takes a single click to discover the exact ETL processes and tables that make up a report. Now, we can check additional reports that are both related to or impacted by a single ETL process.

Thanks to Octopai, we no longer have to work overtime or bring on additional staff to take care of reporting-related tasks – inaccurate reports are simply no longer a burden. Our entire BI group has been totally empowered by Octopai automation.

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