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NEW: Octopai Announces Support and Analysis of Amazon Redshift

Octopai, the leader in automated data lineage, data catalog and data discovery, announced today its support and analysis of Amazon Redshift, one of the fastest and most widely used cloud data warehouses. The new coverage of Amazon Redshift will further enable enterprises to migrate to the cloud seamlessly and manage complicated BI landscapes from one platform.

Moving to the cloud has become inevitable for many enterprises, but the management of cloud processes is creating new challenges for the BI & Analytics teams, especially in hybrid environments that are still using on-prem systems as well. Octopai’s Data Intelligence Platform enables BI groups to tackle these challenges head-on by centralizing all data and metadata from multiple systems into one centralized platform in order to provide the most in-depth analysis, end-to-end multilayered data lineage and discovery.

“Migrating data from legacy systems to Amazon Redshift can traditionally take several years to complete, but Octopai’s support of Redshift cuts the process down to a few weeks, enabling companies to migrate much more easily and more confidently,” says Gal Ziton, Co-Founder and Head of Product of Octopai. “We’re constantly working to support more BI systems in order to  provide maximum coverage and seamless transparency of different technologies so that our customers can get the whole story behind their data.”

Octopai saves time and resources during the process of migration from on-prem/legacy systems to Amazon Redshift. Prior to migration, Octopai can also provide mapping of objects so enterprises can see what needs to be transferred to the cloud and what doesn’t, reducing the time and cost of migration.

Octopai’s Data Intelligence Platform provides cost savings to enterprises using Amazon Redshift (which uses a pay-per-hour model), from the migration phase all the way to day-to-day use. By getting the full picture of what and how different tables, columns etc. are being used, Octopai decreases the number of exploration queries over the Amazon Redshift platform, which directly reduces expenses. 

Octopai’s support and analysis of Amazon Redshift is unique because it provides:

  • Detailed coverage with full visualization as part of the entire BI ecosystem. 
  • Full alignment of Octopai’s data flow lineage with the detailed Amazon Redshift metadata repository, including any object defined in an Amazon Redshift database. 
  • End-to-end lineage from the legacy/operational system to report analysis, simplifying insight into and through Amazon Redshift along with all other layers of the company BI ecosystem. 

Octopai is committed to providing enterprises with a multilayered lineage approach to Business Intelligence to create simplicity and automation in a complex data environment. Octopai’s mission is to provide organizations with the intelligence they need to view their entire BI & Analytics landscapes, enabling them to gain easy access, control and visibility of their data. 

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Complete End-to-End Data Lineage through your ETL, Redshift and Reporting
Automatically, in seconds. Want to see how?
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