The Benefits of a Data Catalog with Built-in Data Lineage

Webinar - Data Catalog with Built In Lineage

Do these questions sound familiar?​​​ What does this data represent? Where is this data coming from? Who is responsible for this data? How can I use this data? Why is it taking me so long to get answers to these questions so I can effectively use the data? If so, be sure to check out […]

Tech Demo

Ever wondered how Octopai’s platform provides superior data lineage with a 3-layered automated lineage mapping cross-system, inner system and end-to-end column to column? See for yourself how you can record data assets in a self-updating data catalog as well as dive into the lineage of each asset all from one platform? This interesting in depth […]

Perform Enterprise Conversions at Scale with Data Lineage Automation

Webinar July 28

Today, large-scale data conversions are often combined with a migration to the cloud, giving the enterprise a chance to also modernize their data pipelines. Watch the webinar to hear from our expert panel as they unpack some of the challenges and solutions to consider when planning a sea of change in data pipelines. This webinar […]

Key steps in adopting cloud and SaaS delivery for enterprise data

Learn about the key steps in adopting cloud and SaaS delivery for enterprise data. Watch the webinar to find out more about: Best practice approaches to migrating enterprise data to the cloud Data management challenges of a cloud and SaaS set up How to optimize your data platform for a multi-cloud environment How to make […]

The Ultimate Guide to Data Lineage for the Finance Industry

Being a data professional in the finance industry is something like being in charge of the Information desk at Grand Central Station…during rush hour. Your answers need to be accurate. The stakes are high. The consequences of making a mistake or taking too long are that people are going to lose time and/or money. The […]

You Can’t Have Best-in-Class Governance without Best-in-Class Lineage

Best in Class Governance

Without a complete and accurate understanding of how data flows throughout the organization, it is extremely difficult to establish the processes and metrics necessary for a successful data governance program. Best-in-class data lineage that provides multi-layered views of the data (cross-system, end-to-end and inner-lineage) plays a critical role in knowledge transfer, issue identification, information on […]

Multilayered Data Lineage: Understanding Your Analytics Environment from Start to Finish

Data is only meaningful if it is understood, trusted, and used. In today’s data and analytics environments, achieving these goals is more difficult due to the complex and often confusing manipulations that data undergoes before it ultimately ends up in reports and analytics assets. Fortunately advances in data lineage give organizations with messy analytical environments […]