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Get Control of Your BI Landscape with Octopai – Now Supporting Snowflake

Octopai’s BI Intelligence Platform is now supporting Snowflake, providing the most in-depth analysis, and complete end-to-end automated data lineage and discovery. 

Whether your enterprise is using Snowflake along with on-prem or cloud-based BI systems (or a combination of the two), Octopai has your BI landscape covered for day-to-day tasks like impact analysis, fixing reports, regulatory compliance, and so much more.

Octopai’s support and analysis of Snowflake are unique because they provide:

  • Detailed coverage with full visualization as part of the entire BI ecosystem including pipes and procedures. 
  • Full alignment of Octopai’s data flow lineage with the detailed Snowflake metadata repository. This includes any object defined in your Snowflake database. 
  • End-to-end lineage from the legacy/operational system to your report analysis, simplifying insight into and through Snowflake along with all other layers of your BI ecosystem. 
  • Parsing support for JSON and other semi-structured scripts

On top of the unprecedented lineage, Octopai also provides cost savings to enterprises using Snowflake (which uses a “pay-per-second” pricing model), from the migration phase through to the day-to-day use. By getting the full picture of what and how different tables, columns etc. are being used, Octopai reduces the number of exploration queries over the Snowflake platform directly reducing the Snowflake expense.

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