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Introducing Native Connector for Google BigQuery: Boosting Data Lineage, Migration, and Discovery

Google BigQuery

Octopai is proud to announce the introduction of an automated connector for Google BigQuery. This new native integration enhances our data lineage solution by providing seamless integration with one of the most powerful cloud-based data warehouses, benefiting data teams and enabling support for a broader range of data lineage, discovery, and catalog..

Data Lineage Benefits:

With the new integration, data analysts and ML data scientists can visualize data pipelines, improving data governance and quality. Google BigQuery’s SQL-based machine learning model support streamlines the model-building process, ensuring accurate reporting and better decision-making.

Data Migrations and Live Lineage:

Migration from Oracle to BigQuery can be a complex process, involving the conversion of Oracle-specific SQL dialect, functions, and stored procedures. Octopai’s Data Lineage and Live Lineage help organizations maintain a clear view of data lineage throughout the migration process by visualizing dependencies, identifying potential issues, and providing insights into the impact of changes made during migration.

Data Discovery Advantages:

The Google BigQuery integration allows data scientists, compliance officers, and other roles to easily identify and locate required data, streamlining root cause analysis, compliance reporting, and planning for changes. This improved data discovery process reduces time-to-insight, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions faster and ultimately improving business outcomes.

Data Catalog Enhancement:

Octopai’s Google BigQuery support simplifies data management, providing better access to data assets across the organization. Data architects can create a comprehensive data catalog, increasing operational efficiency and cost savings.

In conclusion, Octopai’s new automated connector for Google BigQuery enhances our data lineage solution by providing seamless integration and boosting data governance, migration, and discovery. 

The Octopai support and integration empower various roles within an organization, improving productivity, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to better business outcomes: streamlining data access and utilization, increasing operational efficiency, and cost savings.

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