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Data Lineage for Snowflake

Octopai + Snowflake = Empowered Data Management

Whether your enterprise is using Snowflake along with on-prem or cloud-based data systems (or a combination of the two) or even migrating to Snowflake, Octopai has your data landscape covered for day-to-day Snowflake data tasks like building data pipelines, impact analysis, fixing reports, regulatory compliance, and so much more.

Octopai’s automated data lineage for Snowflake is unique because it provides:

  • Detailed coverage with full visualization of Snowflake data flow as part of the entire data ecosystem, including pipes and procedures.
  • End-to-end lineage that allows you to inspect the whole length of each Snowflake data pipeline – from source all the way through to practical business insights
  • Parsing support for JSON and other semi-structured scripts.

Octopai + Snowflake = Significant Resource Savings

On top of the unprecedented lineage, Octopai also provides time and cost savings to enterprises migrating to and/or using Snowflake.

Savings during a data migration to Snowflake:

Octopai’s automated data lineage, including comprehensive column-to-column lineage, traces the path of your data objects both back to their source and forward to reports or other targets. This comprehensive visual mapping of the objects, assets, tables and processes across your data systems eases a migration to Snowflake by enabling you to:

  • Get a clear picture of how data moves through your system now, and use that to plan your ideal, streamlined, optimized data flow, from which you can design Snowflake data pipelines
  • Clearly identify unused objects, unnecessary duplicates and unnecessarily complicated dependencies so you can simplify and/or discard prior to migrating
  • Evaluate the source quality of data before it goes into Snowflake’s main repository (and affects the quality of your entire data store)
  • Check the projected impact of any planned changes before making them
  • Check pre-, during, and post-migration that everything is going to the right place, with views of both the old and new environments in one screen (updated automatically as the migration progresses!)

Savings during Snowflake use:

Snowflake uses a “pay-per-second” pricing model for computing power. By providing you with the full picture of what and how different tables, columns etc. are being used, Octopai enables you to be much more focused when querying the Snowflake platform. Reducing the number of exploration queries needed and shortening query time directly reduces your Snowflake expense.