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Data Lineage XD: Taking Data Lineage Solutions to the Next Level

Data Lineage XD

A wrench is a tool.

But the nature of a wrench is that it’s not one-kind-fits-all. Depending on the construction job you’re doing, you might need a specific kind of wrench. 

An allen wrench. A crescent wrench. A box-ended wrench. A pedestal sink slip joint wrench.

Data lineage is also a tool. And it’s also not one-kind-fits-all.

Different business intelligence jobs require different kinds of data lineage. The type of lineage that a BI Developer would use to perform root cause analysis is not the same type of lineage that the Data Engineer would use to do data flow visualization inside of an ETL process. Similarly, the lineage type that a Data Architect would use to predict the impact of a process change also differs.  

If you only have classic, monolithic data lineage, you may need to use it for everything – but that’s about as effective as using a crescent wrench under a sink.


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Don’t Throw a Wrench into the Works

Data lineage is added onto many data management programs as an afterthought, just as a company that puts together toolboxes might toss in a crescent wrench because “you know, you need to have a wrench.”

But if you are a professional handyman or even just a serious DIY-er, you’re not going to stick with the wrench that comes with the toolkit. You’re going to get a selection of wrenches so you have what you need for the job.

At Octopai, we live and breathe data lineage. We want you to have access to the specific type of data lineage you need for any task at hand. 

That is the goal behind our new Data Lineage XD: the first advanced, multidimensional data lineage. 

Beyond Horizontal and Vertical

For data to translate into fast, accurate business value, data lineage software can’t be just about the horizontal and vertical movement of data. It must also encompass the in-depth and complete understanding of the data origin, what happens to it, and where it is distributed within your ever-growing data landscape.   

Octopai’s pioneering Data Lineage XD is a complete automated data lineage solution offering three different types of data lineage: cross-system lineage, inner-system lineage, and end-to-end column lineage. 

Cross-system lineage

Cross-system lineage provides end-to-end lineage at the system level from the entry point into the BI landscape, all the way to reporting and analytics. This type of lineage provides high-level visibility into the data flow – mapping where data is coming from and where it is going. 

Octopai’s cross-system lineage reflects data flows and dependencies using automated and augmented methods to provide the most extensive cross-system view of the entire data landscape. 

Top uses for cross-system lineage include:

  • Predicting the impact of a process change
  • Analyzing the impact of a broken process
  • Discovering parallel processes performing the same tasks
  • High-level visualization of data flow

End-to-end column lineage

Cross-system lineage is perfect for the big picture. But what about when you need to zoom in and see the details? The end-to-end column lineage details column to column-level lineage between systems from the entry point into the BI landscape, all the way through to reporting and analytics. 

Top uses for end-to-end column lineage include:

  • Impact analysis of a change to a column in the source system
  • Root cause analysis to uncover the source of reporting errors
  • Column-level visualization of data flow
  • Regulatory compliance audit preparation

Inner-system lineage

Sometimes you need to dive even deeper into the nitty-gritty details of one particular system. The inner-system lineage details the column-level lineage within an ETL process, report, or database object. Understanding the logic and data flow for each column provides visibility at the column level no matter how complex the process, report, or object. 

Top uses for inner-system lineage include:

  • Visualizing the logic of a report, ETL, or database object data flow
  • Locating dependencies within a report

Each dimension of lineage enhances analytical capabilities throughout the organization with an unparalleled user experience for both technical and business users.

The Data Lineage Toolbox

Data Lineage XD isn’t just a data lineage tool. It’s a complete data lineage toolbox, containing:

  • every type of data lineage layer you need 
  • for every type of data lineage-related job 
  • by every type of data user in your organization. 

Plus it’s designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so both BI users and end-users can find exactly what they need to propel the business forward.

Now that’s taking data lineage to the next level.

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See how Data Lineage XD will revolutionize the way your BI and Analytics Team works
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