How Can Automation Expedite Your CCPA Compliance?

Octopai’s automated data discovery and lineage simplifies and streamlines the path to compliance

What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act is the most comprehensive privacy law in the United States. It’s relevant for any organization that collects and/or sells personal information of California residents, and is meant to give Californians control over their personal data.

Businesses need to be able to show that their customers’ data is protected and that no personal information exists outside the protected databases.

How Metadata Fits in to CCPA Compliance

To gain full clarity of the data an organization possesses, it must have access to the associated metadata, for only metadata can tell us where data comes from, where it resides in all the different systems, how it’s being used and by whom.

Metadata is key to governing your data. And if you can’t govern your data, well, you’re simply not going to be CCPA compliant.