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The 3 Most Disappointing Characteristics Of Metadata Management And What To Do About It

The world of metadata management in business intelligence is a deep and murky one. BI managers, tasked with generating reports based on vast amounts of data and metadata, often struggle to find exactly what they need throughout the multiple BI systems within an organization. Whether you have to make a change to a report, find out what caused a specific error in a report, or migrate systems in an M&A, the amount of tedious manual work required often leads to inaccurate reporting and is extremely time consuming and costly.

Here are the three most disappointing characteristics of data management, and what you can do to improve them.

1. Inaccurate Reports

It is not uncommon for the business user and the BI manager within an organization to generate the same report and end up with different results. With vast amounts of metadata out there, mistakes happen all the time, and can leave your organization with an inaccurate and unclear view of the business.

2. Wasted Time

Depending on the scope of the project, locating a specific calculation in a specific report in order to make a change can take months. Yes, months. This is precious and valuable time your employees can be spending in other, more productive ways.

3. Cost

Often a large project will necessitate the need to bring in outside talent. However, these outsourced professionals will cost your organization a lot. Extra manpower equals more resources spent across the board.

The Solution!

What if we told you there is a solution to this madness? An out-of-the-box cloud-based product that can be up and running within a few hours? With Octopai, you can search the entire BI landscape and get a 360-degree view of your metadata with no installation needed, no maintenance, no special training, no organizational changes required.

From Days To Seconds

When using Octopai, just type in the report or reference you’re looking for and search – within 5 seconds you can see the whole data journey clearly. Octopai enables you to easily locate metadata quickly and accurately, thus eliminating the need for extra manpower, lowering your cost per project, and perhaps most importantly, getting highly accurate and consistent reports to understand the BI landscape.

Calculate Your Annual Savings

On the Octopai website you can enter the quantity of your BI activities in order to calculate your annual savings. You can also request a personalized demo or reach out to us with any questions.

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